Monday, February 4, 2013

Bicudinho-do-brejo Complete !

My painting of the Bicudinho-do-brejo is complete, with a detail above. As I mentioned in my last post, this endangered Marsh Antwren is at home at the Reserva Bicudinho-do-brejo, which makes part of the Lagoa do Parado in southern Brazil. The reserva, or reserve, is 25 hectares, or about 75 acres. This is not such a large area, but it has a significant amount of endemic and endangered species. Besides being an incredibly beautiful area, it is very important for its biodiversity.

The image below shows the complete painting, and as seems to be my artistic leaning, at least these days, the bird is quite detailed with much attention to its anatomical correctness, while the background gives more of a free expression of its habitat rather than a scientifically correct botanical rendering. I do wish to be true to each species that I paint, especially since so many of them are endangered and one day these paintings may be important for their accuracy. However, they are still paintings and I wish to achieve the spirit of the creature and its habitat while creating a piece of art.

Again, I wish to thank Ricardo Belmonte Lopes for helping me to achieve this accuracy through his photographic reference.

On a final note, the calendar of butterflies that I was so determined to complete, even well into our new year of  2013 is available from my Zazzle shop, at the following link:

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