Saturday, October 27, 2012

Background for Butterfly Painting

The background for this painting has become a little more complicated than I anticipated. I was happily painting along, really enjoying the process, when I realized I had become a little too involved with my fantasy fern-like shapes. So, I went back in with some dark washes in an effort to unify the piece. I plan for the butterfly itself to be rather detailed, so I don't want the background to compete with it, either in terms of busyness, or in the level of detail. I feel it's at a good point now to stop and have a fresh look tomorrow, and work on the butterfly shapes before I go back into the background. I'm quite sure with the butterfly painted, the background will more or less indicate any further work it may need. My goal with this painting, and many of my paintings that focus on a specific subject such as this butterfly, its to leave the background somewhat abstract and painterly while bringing realistic detail to the subject itself. We'll see what the next painting session brings !

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