Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Detailing the leaves - Borboleta #7

Today, I began by fully saturating each leaf, one at a time with clear water, then dropping in my pigment with the wet-in-wet wash technique.

After this dried, I began detailing the leaf on the left. I'll continue with the right leaf in my next painting session, then I'll begin the details on the butterfly/moth. Once the moth is finished, I'll determine any changes to the leaves in color, value, or level of detail. I like to bring the background to a certain point before beginning the central subject matter, but so many things can change once the main subject is close to completion, and the painting as a whole has to work. Every painting brings new challenges....

Also, I ordered one of my "Endangered Species" Zazzle calendars and it arrived today. I'm very pleased with the print quality, so if anyone is still looking for stocking stuffers, this would be perfect for the conservationist or nature lover on your list !

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