Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Morpho - Butterfly/Borboleta #6 - Complete ?

I think I've finished this latest painting. But, I'll wait to view it with fresh eyes tomorrow. I began today by detailing the Morpho itself. Once that was complete, it appeared she was perched atop the leaves and I didn't feel enough connection with the subject and the background, so I went into the upper left quadrant with some darker and also warmer washes to echo the warm dark passages in the wings. Once those washes were dry, I added just a bit of definition around the leaves. Since you don't see a signature yet, I'm not completely sure it's finished, but if not, then it's close. One thing I considered and may still do is to add some irridescent blue pastel on the wings. I'm not sure if that would make a difference for anyone viewing an online or print version, but it would make a striking, yet subtle detail in the original. I still need to consider that. Comments ?

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