Sunday, January 27, 2013

Borboleta #12 - Owl Butterfly Progress

I continued this painting by extending the gold and black graphic area in the upper left section. Most of the masking is still in place for the veins and the highlights in the upper corner.
I continued refining this area of the paintng, extending the gold band to the bottom of the painting and adding details. I also began the initial washes in the lower left of the painting.
Next, I began working in the lower left quadrant, first re-wetting my paper that already had light washes to indicate shadow and soft color areas. While the paper was still wet, but beginning to dry slightly, I began adding the black designs. I didn't draw the designs first, I referred to my photograph often, but was painting my impression of this section of the wing design, not copying the photo reference I was using.
And again, thank you Hudson Garcia,
And tomorrow, the completed painting !  

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